Since 1999 Hanson & Crawford has been providing the Raleigh area with expert repairs and custom building.

Hanson and Crawford Stringed Instruments was born in 1999 when Greg Hanson and David Crawford combined their efforts and opened shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Both had been working as luthiers independently for several years before teaming up, and each brought a unique skill set to the pairing.  In the spring of 2012 Hanson and Crawford moved their base of operations to it’s current location at 1008 Broad Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Over the years together, Hanson and Crawford has become one of the premier shops in the nation for Stringed instrument restoration and repair.   Specializing in the restoration of high-end and vintage instruments, Greg and David have created a strong customer base that spans the entire Eastern Seaboard and into the Midwestern U.S.

Style 3

An electric guitar designed around our interests in tone, playability, and aesthetics. We have applied years of restoration and repair experience to our designs to head off many of the inherent guitar repair issues.

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'Simmon Tree Banjo

The "Simmon Tree banjo is an open back, old-time 5-string banjo comprised of local persimmon wood, white holly, and maple. Like other ebony woods, the persimmon's density adds a tonal clarity that cuts through very well in a mix of instruments.

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